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The Hues and Cries to Jumble Up Refugees with Infiltrators – The Reel of Life
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The Hues and Cries to Jumble Up Refugees with Infiltrators


The national politics has started boiling again with the news of Assam NRC striking over 40 lakh people off the register. Right from the very beginning I wanted this blog space to remain clear from political issues. Yet, I feel it’s justified to put my mind into words over the development on Assam NRC.

First, I should clear out certain things. There’s no intention nor any need to support, defend or to take on any political organisation over the matter from my end. Yes, I’m a proud Indian and a Hindu. Inspite of that I feel the so-called saffron outfits have no right, whatsoever, to recognise or authenticate my identity or that of any of my fellow countrymen’s on basis of nationality or creed.

A section of our political masters, the so-called champions of secularism, is crying inconsolably that the omitting of names from the national register is an overall ploy to throw out people migrated to Assam from Bengal and Bihar. But haven’t those people been given a stipulated time span to establish/furnish their Indian identity if they so want? They’re not being deported or extradited to anywhere else as of now. They have been given a chance to point out the err, if any, so that the authorities can rectify their mistake.

Let’s keep things simple by all means. Who’s indeed a refugee and who’s an infiltrator? It’s high time to learn the difference. An individual, who flees from his homeland to save his existence and religious belief, is a refugee. On the other hand, an individual, who infiltrates to a neighbouring country by unlawful means (without a visa or permit) just for sake of earning bread is an infiltrator. There’s no ambiguity between the two, provided there’s no intention to make the things ambiguous.

It is funny to watch some of the stalwarts from the so-called secular camp are leaving no stone unturned to jumble up an infiltrator with a refugee to score a brownie point in the upcoming elections. Do these omnipotent political heavyweights have absolutely zero sense of responsibility toward this nation and its legitimate citizens? Really?

Where do we go, WE – the sons and daughters of this soil, of this nation? We’re already plagued by Mondal Reservation, all sots of intolerance in the society, rising level of crime and atrocities against women – young and old, excessive interference of politics in all aspects of our society to name a few.

We’re called the world’s largest democracy. The democratic structure of our country is more and more revealing itself as a laughing stock – thanks to shameless hypocrisy of our top-ranking, power-hungry political brass. Who are all these so-called statesmen and women whom we’re electing to the offices to run our nation and pave our destiny? Are we on our way to prove India is a failed democracy?

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