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Euthanasia in India – End of Inhuman Pain and Suffering – The Reel of Life
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Euthanasia in India – End of Inhuman Pain and Suffering


Finally, the Supreme Court of India has approved Euthanasia – the right of an individual to die. It proves again that all good things need time to arrive. The age-defining verdict, instead of putting all debates and disagreements to rest, has enlivened them even more. This will hopefully continue for a substantial length of time – till the nation comes up with something new to keep busy with. The ‘take away’ from this (still) ongoing debate is nothing very insignificant either. It shows, we indeed are in a free society to express our minds and vocally support our individual views over matters that concern us.

Now, what the Supreme Court has said in the verdict is known to everyone. Let’s not get into that angle. In fact, it requires the expertise of the lawyers and the doctors to dissect and analyse the verdict for whatsoever reason. As of now, let’s try to look into the significance this bold decision coming from the paramount judicial body of the country is expected to bring for the entire society.

Man has made such unprecedented progress in science and technology that now it is possible to withheld death in clinical atmosphere for some time. These days, unlike that in the past, we can at least put up some resistance, so that a critically ill patient lying on death bed can take few more breaths, for days or weeks together, before setting out for the other world. This provides a kind of relief to one’s immediate family and friends. They can enjoy the company of the patient’s mortal presence for few days more.

But on the other hand, this clinically prolonging life takes a heavy toll on the individual – in terms of unbelievable pain and suffering. The artificial life-support procedures like ventilation, dialysis and others are tyrannically painful, to say the least. Eventually, these modern medical treatments make the last days of an individual filled with agony and suffering. There’s a financial aspect too. These treatments are exorbitantly costly and a patient’s family has to shoulder the responsibility of constantly pumping in funds to keep the medical procedures going.

The apex judicial body has addressed both these issues together by expressing its views on euthanasia. The ruling has created a furore across the nation over the last couple of days. A section of the society seems not to be in good humour over it. They are putting up all sorts of excuses to establish the judgement will only make the situation worse and allow a handful of unscrupulous thugs mint more money.

To some extent, their fear has grounds and the possibility is very strong that the Supreme Court’s decision will not only be violated but abused in the wrong way too. Let’s not forget a simple truth. India of today has nothing else to do other than, reminiscing its glorious past and let itself be the breeding house of all kinds of frauds and corruption. What else can you imagine in a country where in a financial scam case involving thousands of crores of taxpayers’ money no one in the high offices is ever held responsible. Our political masters – yes, they’re the masters and we, the entire electorate is their slave – speak in volumes about ideologies and entertain us with their ideological fights. Most of them brag about their secular ideals, while some proudly expose their 56-inch chest. And under the cover of the cacophony our statesmen and women make, scam-stars relocate themselves to safe havens along with the public money.

Then a fresh round of hullaballoo starts in form of the blame game. They blame one another and gradually dig into the past to bring up some old accusations to throw at each other. Meanwhile, a few heads, belonging to the lesser mortals of course, get rolled as the main culprits or the prime accused always manage to stay at large from the hands of the law. In some rare cases, even if the prime accused are put behind the bars, the identity of their politician patrons remains in the dark.

If you’re sceptical about the outcome of the verdict at the ground level, then it is important to make you remember the fundamental ground reality existing here. You’re in such a country where corruption, debauchery, greed, nepotism and hypocrisy have finely blended with one another and as a nation, we have surpassed everything and everyone in the tall talks. Thus, it’s no wonder a section of the society will always try to abuse the milestone verdict in their way to make financial gains.

But as the silver lining around the darkest cloud, the right to passive euthanasia will allow some poor souls to dodge away brutal pain and suffering in the name of medical intervention to some terminal diseases. It will play its role in minimising the number of days for a family in witnessing the slow arrival of death for one of its household members.

They say, God didn’t want men to live in eternal pain and suffering and so He sent His Son to uplift their souls to eternal happiness. The Supreme Court order has come into existence to relieve critically ill patients from a life of indignity and ferry them conveniently to the other world a little faster.

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